Clean Ups Why do Them?

Clean Ups Why do Them?


Every time I go to work, out with friends, or with my family I get told the same thing: Nothing is wrong with the environment. I’m going to be real with you for a moment: I believe that is total bull shark. Everywhere I go there’s a piece of material that someone considered “trash” on the ground or in a water stream. Cigarettes, plastic bottles, pop cans, plastic bags, and so much more can be found in your local parks, sidewalks, and ponds. But at the end of the day nothing is wrong right? I mean as long the trash is not in your direct line of vision it’s not there right? Well it is whether we open are eyes to see it or not and the other species that we share land and water streams with are paying for it. I’ve done several clean ups in my life whether it’s been on my own or with other people, and I constantly see the same materials of trash that could have been recycled rather then dumped on the ground over and over again. And I run into the same people that applaud me and thank me for the work I do because they complain to me that the streams and land that they see are trashed and no one has come to clean them up. Yet when I mention the idea of them joining me or throwing out the idea of them picking up a piece of trash and recycling it on their own they cower and claim that they have no time because they have a “thing” they have to go to at 8:00AM or are too busy doing anything else with their time. Seriously when is enough going to be enough? When will we grow tired of making excuses? Is cutting an hour or even 30 minutes out of your Netflix and chill time to help protect the place that has given you food, water, materials for cloths, and being the life source you need to survive that much of a hassle? Well no matter what other people to choose to do I still have hope. I still believe that people care and will slowly make steps towards an eco-friendly and sustainable future where trash does not exist on every land and water stream. This is why I do clean ups, and if anyone ever wants to join me they can or if anyone would like to do their own or invite me to participate in one I would be honored. And whether I’m with a group or picking up trash on my own, I will continue to do clean ups. #codegreen

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