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The Food Dilemma

Everyone has started talking about the elephant in the room, and it’s something that has become a bigger problem in society than one could’ve imagined. Now, in a industrialized modern world, one would think that this dilemma would actually never exist due to wealth, and access to more resources than many parts of the world; but, alas, we can no longer ignore the growing issue of food waste. Some articles have been quoting food waste to be up to 40% a year in America, with million of dollars wasting away for food to then just be thrown into a landfill. The irony lies in a land who struggles with wasting food and obesity while also dealing with problems of people starving. So what can we, on an individual level, do to help this national dilemma?

Here are some steps I took and you can too:

  1. Eat at home rather than out.

I’m always tempted by some Whataburger and I absolutely love to have Sonic in my life; however, this not only reduces funds but increases waste. If you already have food at home, then there is no need to make a french fry run. This will not only motivate you to save money by cooking with everything you have in the pantry before going out, but also reduce the chance of food waste.

2.  Create a compost bin.

This is something I’ve incorporated into my life due to not only my love of gardening, but also my way of reusing scraps and food that sadly went bad. Remember that if you do decide to set up a compost bin, note that meats or processed foods (like fast food french fries because as I’m writing this I wish I had some) will not be able to go into your bin. This helped me to focus on buying more fruits and vegetables which in return leads me to a healthier diet.

3.  Plan meals ahead of time.

Knowing what I’ll be cooking and what I need to buy at the grocery at the beginning of the week helps me to stay away from going out to eat, and also not buying more then I need. Push yourself to stick to a schedule and you will be more prepared to follow a stricter food regime.

4. Leftovers

I absolutely love leftovers, because it means I have one less meal to plan for lunch or dinner the next day. My moto is if the food is still fresh than there is no need to cook.


These tips are my New Year’s Resolution to follow and I hope you guys will join me in helping to reduce food waste! Let me know what steps you guys have personally taken to help this dilemma.

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