November 2019 Posts

Having a Green Thanksgiving

It’s turkey lurkey time, which means that not only a ridiculous number of calories will be consumed in are bellies (no regrets) but a lot of grease will be utilized to cook scrumptious food. This grease can lead to not only more environmental waste, but can also clog up your pipes, which leads to a scheduled visit from your local plumber (and no one needs to be traumatized by a plumber’s crack this holiday season).  To help protect your pipes, the environment, and eyes from trauma, DFW participates in a program called “Cease the Grease” where students will take your cooking grease and transform it into biofuel. All you must do is take the grease to one of the designated drop off locations closest to you and poor working students will do the rest. Why worry about pipes and waste when you can spend your time gaining weight instead? Codegreeners enjoy being mean green eating turkey machines and check out my other media links down below to find out more ways on how you can live each and everyday by Codegreen.

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