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Ridding My Life of Paper Towels

Ridding My Life of Paper Towels

IMG_20170917_184454287_HDRI’m always looking for ways to reduce my waste, and one of them has been to rid my life of paper towels. My goal is to live without creating waste; and instead of using paper, I’ve replaced many things in my life with cloth. Here are ┬áthree examples to keep in mind that are really useful:

  1. When I clean, whether it’s the counter tops or the floor, I use cloth. Cloth is not only reusable, but saves you money from your grocery bill!
  2. At work and at home, I use my own hand towel in order to reduce my paper towel use at work. (Don’t have to worry about waste if none is produced in the first place).
  3. When I’m out, I bring my own cloth napkin just in case (you never know if restuarants will use cloth or paper napkins).

Yes, some of this might seem excessive and may involve too much preparation for some, but I truly want to be committed to reducing my waste not only at home, but anywhere I go. If anyone ever has any ideas to continue to reduce waste at the home and office, please feel free to share!! I will see you next time Codegreeners, and keep living each and everyday by Codegreen! Check out my other media links down below.