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Giving Love to My Indoor Plants

Giving Love to My Indoor Plants

So recently there’s been a new trend (that is bringing brought back from the grave) of having real plants inside homes. Yes, I do mean real plants. For the longest time there was a movement of people having fake plants made of plastic in their homes and I hated them. I hated how fake they looked and to me they’re a waste of material. From what I’ve been told people were buying the plastic posers because of the fear of not being able to take care of the real thing. I understand personally the frustration of buying a plant only for it to be marked with death from your touch but I encourage anyone to have living plants in their home. I know the plastic sometimes looks halfway decent but fake plants will never be able to give you the benefits of cleaning indoor air pollution in your home, helping with smell, and over all better look towards your decorating style. Overtime I’ve also learned more about plant maintenance which is an important skill to have when wanting to do future gardening and landscaping. Overall, I’m thankful for my plants and the joy they bring to me in my home. Check out the blog soon for new content and don’t forget to subscribe to my channel on YouTube so you can watch more videos on how to live each and everyday by Codegreen!


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