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A Victory with “The Great American Outdoors Act”

As someone who has been to the Grand Canyon, I know the beauty the United States’ national parks have to offer. Not only do they serve as the perfect sunset back drop for a memorable photo, they also conserve some of the Unites State’s most important resources. However, parks take funds to be able to maintain infrastructure, so this year a bill that was introduced to the Senate in March 2020 was signed into law on August 4th 2020 in order to dedicate funding to these beloved parks.


What you need to know about the Great American Outdoors Act:


“As stated on, the bill establishes the National Parks and Public Land Legacy Restoration Fund to support deferred maintenance projects on federal lands.

The fund must be used for priority deferred maintenance projects in specified systems that are administered by

  • the National Park Service,
  • the Forest Service,
  • the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,
  • the Bureau of Land Management, and
  • the Bureau of Indian Education.

The Government Accountability Office must report on the effect of the fund in reducing the backlog of priority deferred maintenance projects for the specified agencies.

Additionally, the bill makes funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) permanent. The President shall annually report to Congress specified details regarding the allocation of funds to the LWCF. Congress may provide for alternate allocations using specified procedures.”


This bill is meant to help the national park’s keep up with infrastructure that is currently backlogged in many of them due to not having enough economic backing. This bill also includes funding for other federal land to continue to support the restoration and conservation of United State’s resources of land and water. I believe this bill can truly help in continuing the legacy of protecting and conserving United State’s resources for future generations in America.

If you want to support this bill contact your federal and state officials. For more information on the bill you can visit You can follow me at the other media links down below for more topics and information on how you can live each and everyday by CodeGreen.


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