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Forming Eco Habits for the Future

Forming Eco Habits for the Future

One of the greatest decisions a person can make is to join the green side of life and choose to make greener choices for the planet. However, I know that this can be a frustrating process when you’re trying to establish newly found habits, so I’m here to tell you that it’s okay. There are plenty of times you will mess up and I personally still make mistakes when it comes to trying to live a greener life. There are many people who live the ultimate zero waste lifestyle through minimalism but that can be hard living in the city or having a large family. Starting with small habits such as using cloth bags at the grocery rather than using the single use plastic bags will make a difference. Small habits can than lead to bigger goals like creating all your own soaps or having completely no trash consumption in your household. The trick is just to remember that your effort is what can make a difference for the life in your area and around the world. Never forget that one small choice leads to big change. Check out my links down below for more Codegreen Media and thank you for reading!


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