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Environmental Solutions Not a One Size Fits All Product

Environmental Solutions Not a One Size Fits All Product

So recently I got into an argument with a random older person on the internet (as most people in this politically charged era do) about handkerchiefs causing more chemicals to go into the ocean. I’m not going to go into any details about the discussion itself because it’s honestly not worth the time it would take to type it but rather focus on the idea of environmental solutions. Now these solutions usually involve someone whose trying to make a difference because they care about the world around them which is of course awesome. That is the reason why I created this website and “CodenameGreen” in general because I wanted to help offer and find options for those who are looking to become more eco-friendly in their lives. However, as you’ve probably noticed, solutions tend to be flawed in some form or another due to no solution being able to fit every single person’s situation. I’ve thrown out ideas or have made videos talking about different subjects with things that people can do to change their habits and make the world a little greener. I know I have successfully been able to reduce my personal waste by implementing green habits that I’ve mentioned on my social media but I do recognize that not everything I do is going to work for everyone.


Why would it not work for everyone? Because we’re all different with diverse living situations, different living spaces, physical climates, and more (I could go on). Now, most people agreed that using a handkerchief rather then just buying tissues overtime is an easy way to reduce waste while also saving some change in your pocket but it may not be the solution for everyone and that’s okay. Pointing out flaws in solutions is also okay and can be very beneficial in helping to constantly mold and find the best solutions for environmental issues we face today. I do recommend though that if you’re going to argue against something that you fully explain your stance and possibly bring some facts to the table as well (rather then just call people names). Environmental solutions aren’t a one size fits all product, but we can continue to work together to improve efficiency and find options for all people. Thank you guys for reading and checkĀ  out my other media links down below to learn more on how you can live each everyday by Codegreen!


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