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Save a Buck Save the Environment

When talking about environmental issues , economics is always brought up as it’s counterpart. Many people believe that these two subjects tend to work against each other and that one must be chosen over the other. Though this may be accurate in describing situations that involve oil drilling, there are so many ways for people to choose not only to save or make money but also be green for the natural environment.

As I’ve mentioned before, if you’re looking to save money while you’re shopping for groceries, please bring your own bags with you. Most grocery stores will give you a discount just for not having to use their own bags to bag all the vegetables and ice cream you have in your cart. For some you’ll even save 10 cents per bag you bring so basically it’s a free coupon for just putting in minimal effort with your grocery habits.

So everyone has their guilty pleasures…mine happens to be a triple mocha Frapp delicious drink from the local Starbucks chain. This drink can cost me a couple bucks, however, if I bring in my own reusable cup I get 10 cents off my drink. For those who are frequent visitors of the establishment you know saving even 10 cents can be a big game changer overtime and all you have to do is make the decision to bring your own fancy cup with you.

Now if you’re looking to make money off of used items there’s a couple different options to choose from. I know people who reuse trash by making it into items to sell whether it’s wine bottle lamps or even metal sculptures from recycled steel there’s a lot to work with. However, if you’re anything like me and just don’t feel like being that creative by the time the day ends there are cities who will pay you for giving them certain items from your trash bin. I read a story about a young kid who made $30,000 a year because he took all his neighbors recycling and sold it back to his city. A little dedication that your neighbors lack could mean more money towards that next trip to Disneyland or savings account.

At the end of the day the biggest general term to take from this is “effort” due to me literally typing it several times. If you’re willing to put in that two seconds of thought everyday, not only will you make an impact for your wallet but also protect your local and international water creatures from facing more plastic pollution. I do believe that the environment and economic categories can actually be best friends rather than enemies if we can adapt this mindset. LETS GO WORLD! Check out my other links down below to learn more about how you can live each and everyday by Codegreen!


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