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Eco DIY’s

Eco DIY’s

Hello, hello I’m finally back with a new blog post (yes I know it’s been awhile I just haven’t been in the mood to write). So here I am and I’ve got some serious business to chat about! Lately everybody has been into the DIY’s on Pinterest and on YouTube which is awesome but have not always been eco-friendly. I’ve seen a lot that require not only a lot of time and materials, but also use materials that aren’t recyclable or even reusable. So in the name of being eco-friendly, we will be focusing on finding DIY’s that focus on these three main principles listed down below.

  1. Pick a DIY that uses the least amount of materials as possible. This allows for less materials for you to have to worry about and reduces the risk of waste. (This also means it’s usually easier to make.)
  2. Pick a DIY that uses materials you already have. This not only saves you money but allows you to stick to the eco-friendly style of “reuse”.
  3. Pick a DIY that uses materials that can be used for multiple things. If you do have to buy a material for something it might as well get plenty of use out of it. (Sticking to that “recycle” principle.)

I will also be finding DIY’s that are non-toxic and allow for the creation of a product that is safe for people and for the environment in which we live. If you have any requests, please let me know and you can check out my media links down below. Hope you have an awesome day!


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