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The Exchange of Paper for Technology

The Exchange of Paper for Technology

The world is slowly moving away from the destruction of trees and the constant reliance of paper due to rising alternatives that have been made widely available because of technological innovations. As a huge supporter of sustainability, I’m very thankful to reduce my amount of paper use in anyway. From the work place, to school, and even your home base there are many ways that we can work and play without printing off a single paper during the day. Below are some options that you probably already do or maybe have never thought of:

1.Go paperless with direct deposit through your work or even when depositing a check.

Many work places have direct deposit that employees can sign up for that not only reduces that hassle of having to visit your bank but saves paper from printing out a check. Now if you do get a check (like if you babysit or still receive a nice birthday check from your thoughtful grandma) you can use your banking APP to deposit your check directly. This saves the bank from having to print out a useless paper slip stating that you deposited the money,

2. Go paperless with bank statements.

Now I have credit cards, a retirement fund, and a bank that will send me updates and notifications on how much I’ve invested or how much I owe. If you’re like me and still appreciate getting updates because life gets really busy you can sign up for email notifications to stop getting paper statements in the mail.

3. When shopping ask for no receipt or ask for paperless option.

When I’m out shopping for groceries or other products I try to reduce paper waste by just not getting a receipt or by having them email me instead. Let’s be honest with ourselves we aren’t going to storm to the store demanding are dollar back for the carrots I bought to cook for dinner. (And if you’re one of those people just stop and do something better with your time like work for soup kitchen or donate time at an animal shelter).

4. When at work utilize sharedrive or Adobe programs.

There are so many options through program like outlook or Adobe that allow for work departments to have spaces where documents can be shared, uploaded, and even edited through each other without even being printed off. This has been utilized by students forever especially students who are in programs that force students to work on group essays or projects that also are unable to meet during the week.

5. University Library Online Databases

I don’t even have to leave to go to may university’s library to access all the sources that I need for my papers. I can download what I need to my laptop without physically moving or printing a single sheet of paper.

6. Download electronic copies of your favorite books.

Most people already know about this but you can download  your favorite books right to your tablet or laptop without having to buy a physical paper copy.

We’re so thankful for trees and the shade/oxygen that they provide for us that we can give a little love back by not cutting them down for useless paper items. For more green topics check the green links down below and live each and everyday by Codegreen:


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