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What Happened When We Found A Baby Bird (And What You Can Do)

What Happened When We Found A Baby Bird (And What You Can Do)

This year my partner and I became first time home buyers and have been in the process of establishing the front landscaping to create a little ecosystem not only for the native insects to thrive but for the birds who have come to nest in the two front trees. This past weekend while trying to place compost in the flower bed we had found a baby bird that had fallen from one of the nests.

When doing research for how to handle the baby bird we had found that most web pages will encourage people to leave the baby bird alone due to the parents possibly watching from nearby or to carefully place the bird back in its nest. Sadly, neither were an option for this poor guy because not only were there several obstacles with the rain beginning to escalate to flooding the area, but the bird’s head appeared to be bleeding.

We placed the bird in a dry towel and continued to explore more options and found that state wildlife organizations will have contacts for people who are known as county wildlife rehabilitators. These are professionals who specialize in wildlife rehabilitation. We specifically utilized the Texas Parks and Wildlife website down below to contact are county representative. Though the representative did not specialize in avian wildlife they were able to give use a contact to an avian specialized rehabilitation facility known as Rogers Wildlife (linked down below). This facility helps to rehabilitate orphaned and injured birds and give a home to those who are unable to return to the wild. Currently we do not have any update on whether or not the bird survived once it got to the facility for care but we remain hopeful knowing that we tried to do the best we could for the little guy.

I hope this information helps anyone who ends up in the same situation we did. Below are websites from federal, state, and local organizations that are great resources for more information on learning what to do if you run into a baby bird. We can work together to continue helping wildlife conservation in are local neighborhoods.


For more information on Texas Wildlife Rehabilitators follow this link: https://tpwd.texas.gov/huntwild/wild/rehab/list/

For more information on Rogers Wildlife Rehabilitation Inc. follow this link:


For more information on what to do when you find a baby bird please follow this link to the US Fish & Wildlife Service website: https://www.fws.gov/midwest/news/foundbabybird.html#:~:text=The%20best%20thing%20that%20could,as%20soon%20as%20you%20can


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