November 2015 Posts

Black Friday Haul: Adopting Misfit Plants And Reusable Clothing

Hello Codegreeners ! I hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving and Black Friday! I know I found several things that are”codegreen” to show you guys today. The first item that I adopted from my haul is actually a beautiful misfit plant that I found outside and was drowning in the pouring rain. I have named it the Crimson Red and hopefully it will thrive along with my other adopted misfit plants #crazyplantlady.



As well, I got a couple clothing items that sadly are not organic cotton but can be reused for multiple outfits. I know it’s hard to find and buy straight organic cotton cloths especially when there are much cheaper options in stores and your living on a tight budget. So if you cannot buy straight organic clothing then buy cloths that can be used for multiple outfits to reduce the amount of non-organic products being produced. This will not only reduce the amount of resources being used to create cloths in the first place but will save the money in your wallet ( which is always a bonus). I would also encourage anybody to try in the future to save up for cloths that are made from naturally organic cotton because it lasts longer and the material usually feels amazingly comfortable ( and of course is biodegradable). As well, I got a new adorable reusable cloth bag for future shopping endeavors to reduce those plastic/paper bags from being brought home;) Well Codegreeners, I hope you were be able to be “codegreen” and find some awesome deals this past Friday and I hope to see you next time!





Eco-Tips on How You Can be Code Green While Shopping on BLACK FRIDAY

Well folks it’s that time of year again that brings either the most dreaded or cherished day of the year. We have come to know this day as “Black Friday”. If you are staying at home away from all the madness then I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing day. However, if you are like me and will be risking getting pushed and trampled on at the shopping malls for some great deals, here are some Eco-tips to live by codegreen while you are out shopping on Black Friday.

  1. Make sure to bring reusable bags with you ( I recommend cloth but if you have plastic that works to). This will not only reduce the amount of plastic/paper bags being dragged into your home but this will also reduce the amount of bags that could end up in landfills from shopping stores.
  2. If you are shopping with a group of people make sure you car pool and pick one place that has multiple stores you want to shop in. This will not only reduce the amount of emissions being pumped into the atmosphere this holiday season, but will save gas and make it easier for you to shop without driving to several locations.
  3.  Make sure that you buy items that are straight reusable or recyclable ( and that you will actually use). I know that it’s easy to buy as many things as possible just because they’re on sale but if you will never use it don’t buy it. This helps reduce the amount of natural resources being used to create useless products for the next year.  As well, try to pick products that you now can be reused for multiple things or can be recycled when you are done with them. This reduces the amount of materials being thrown into landfills at the end of the year.

Well I wish you luck Codegreeners and I hope the deals are forever in your favor this Black Friday:) Have a Happy Thanksgiving and don’t forget to recycle that cooking grease!

Dallas Grease Roundup: Recycling Cooking oil

Well guys it’s that time of year again to stuff are faces with completely delicious food! However, cooking this food causes us to use large amounts of cooking oil which usually gets dumped down the drain and causes problems of blockages in pipes. So this year if you are in the Dallas,Texas area please save your cooking oil and drop it off at a participating location where it will then be delivered to Dallas schools that are turning the oil into biodiesel fuel for cars. The North Texas Municipal Water District will be one of those locations in which you can drop off your used cooking grease December 5th. If you guys have any further questions please let me know and I hope you will participate in this initiative whether it’s in Dallas or a city near you!

First DIY:Organic Play-dough You Can Eat?!

Okay codegreeners for the first DIY project I found an organic Plato recipe from an awesome website called that not only is really cheap,easy to make, and Eco-friendly, but is edible! As well, the dough is gluten free so those with a gluten problem have no reason to fear.  This recipe only requires four items that can be found in most households and is very fun to create. You will need:


-1 Cup of Corn Starch

– 1 Cup of Baby Rice Cereal

-1/2 a cup or 4 oz. of unsweetened applesauce

-3 Ts. of Vegetable Oil


If the dough is to dry  and breaking apart at first then add a little water which should help bring the dough together:)

You can add Eco-friendly food dye if you would like to have color in your dough and you can make  the dough last up to 6-9 days by placing it in the fridge. You can then heat it up for 10-15 seconds in the microwave if it becomes to hard. I was very impressed with how the dough felt and it tasted like applesauce! Please check out the website to find more projects and Eco- friendly crafts to do with kids and others while at home. I recommend this recipe to everyone!

Hello and Welcome!! I’m CodenameGreen!

Codenamegreen2Hi! I’m CodenameGreen and this is my website where you can find my blog posts and other information about codegreen. I hope you guys will join me on this journey as I take on the pursuit of finding the best, most efficient, and easiest ways possible of becoming Eco-friendly with everything I do. As well, codegreeners and I will be doing environmental pledges on this site at the start of the new year! So stay tuned as we embark on this new adventure together that will allow us to help protect the environment one change at a time!