About Me


Hi! I’m CodenameGreen but you can call me Code! I’m a 26 year old who grew up just North of Dallas Texas ( no I don’t have guns stashed in my closet but I can still kick your butt). I graduated from college with two bachelor of science degrees in Environmental Studies and Sociology, as well as a lot of passion for protecting the environment. My goal for CodenameGreen is to not only bring awareness for protecting the environment but to convince people to show they care through their actions of living each and everyday by ” codegreen”. Codegreen is the pursuit of finding the best, most efficient, and easiest ways possible of being Eco-friendly with everything we do. As well, CodenameGreen represents love for all life that resides on this planet and will help any life in need. I hope you will become a  ” code-greener” and join me on this journey to bring good change that will not only help protect the environment, but create a brighter future for the current and future generations of life that will live here on this earth!