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Why I Hate Balloons

Why I Hate Balloons

Since I was a child, balloons had always been a staple of parties, trips to Six Flags, and even visits to the hospital with the classic “get well soon” line. However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve grown to hate them because they’re a good example of entitled waste for the environment. Now I’m not trying to guilt anyone who has ever had a balloon in their life because most of us have, but the time has come to slowly get rid of the atrocity.

Why must balloons go? Well for starters balloons a short term product of happiness that we don’t need to survive. Most products that are current society produces we don’t really need and has led to higher amounts of consumption then the earth could handle. However, most those products once we are done with them can be given to a thrift shop, sold, or donated in some way to some one else for them to use. Balloons don’t fall into this category because they will only last a couple days out most until they have poppedĀ  and are forgotten by those in society.

As well, recently their is a shortage on helium in the world that has actually caused party city to close down many stores do to their reliance on balloons for revenue. I myself never thought about the supply of helium in the world but clearly there is not enough for balloons to actually be a sustainable product for revenue. Poor Party City;(

Finally, balloons are such a huge waste that cannot be reused once they have finished their purpose. A current article emerged recently stating how much balloon waste was found in the Great Lakes and now threatens wildlife in the area. Is all the waste worth it for two seconds of happiness while partying? Can we enjoy a party without balloons? I say yes we can even as tempting as Disney’s classic mickey balloons are (and trust me they are).

Let’s work together to try to reduce the waste around us even if it means giving up some of the thingsĀ  the seem normal to a party routine. Check out my links down below to learn more about how you can live each and everyday by Codegreen!


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