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Recycling Your Gently Used Bras

Recycling Your Gently Used Bras

There is an organization called the Bra Recyclers who will take your used bras that are still in good condition.  For those who don’t know, the fashion industry leaves a large carbon footprint on the planet and the textile industry in general wastes large amounts of water to produce clothing. There is also the argument that we women truly only wear a couple bras in their wardrobe compared to how many bras we actually buy. Instead of them being thrown away into the landfill they can be donated to the Bra Recyclers. Not only will this reduce waste but the bras themselves are donated to women and girls in shelters and natural disaster victims. You can help women who have rain from domestic violence, girls who have been save from sex trafficking, and people like those who lost their homes in the recent wildfires in California. I will link their website down below which will give you further instructions on what you need to do to donate your bras and help you find possible drop off locations. Honestly, what’s better than being eco-friendly and being able to help those in need (nothing). Check out my other links down below for my other social media and if you guys want me to find information on other topics always feel free to comment!

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