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How a Shelter Kitty Saved Me

How a Shelter Kitty Saved Me

Usually I don’t get too emotional on my blog posts, but today, as I write this, I wanted to do something different. Over a year and half a go, a month after my brother’s death, I was in a place I had never been in. I was constantly stressed to the point that I would have terrible panics of hot flashes; and I hadn’t had a good night sleep for too long, due to nightmares I will never tell a soul. One day, my mom emailed me about a pet palooza event that was going on in the area and suggested we check it out. I mentioned before how I had a goal of adopting a black cat (since statistically black animals are the least likely to get adopted), but after these recent events at the time, I was honestly nervous about bringing a life into my home that I would be responsible for (since I didn’t feel I truthfully was altogether myself). I decided to go and check this thing out anyway (I didn’t have any other plans), and I’m glad I did, because little did I know, that there was a black fluffball that was sitting in a cage waiting to steal my heart.

The next thing I knew I was at Petsmart, buying cat toys and a carrier in order to bring home a cat named Hililaya. I’m not going to lie to you, the first few weeks were rough. I would get a scratch here and there; I still continued to get no sleep, due to being bopped on the nose in the middle of the night for pets. I didn’t know what I was doing, and the adult cat clearly never responded to her name; so with some minor adjustments and a name change, we finally began to form a bond that I only realized now really changed me.

My stress began to disappear and was replaced with cuddles and cat hair in my food. The times that I broke down and cried, I received cat purrs and kitty licks. Honestly, I thought I had helped her out by adopting her out of the shelter. She had spent her 2 and a half years of life in, but actually she helped me. At the end of the day, I believe she saved me from a lot of sad moments filled with despair that sometimes life brings, and she still continues too. That is why I’m so supportive of shelter animals. There are so many amazing animals that are just waiting to be given a chance, to not only be saved from the shelter, but to help another life in the process. I beg for those looking to bring an animal into their lives to give a chance to their local animal shelters. You then can find your black fluff ball of joy too. Thanks for reading this codegreeners, and I hope to write more for you soon! #adoptdontshop