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February: the Month of Love and Reducing Food Waste

February: the Month of Love and Reducing Food Waste

It’s February, yes Valentine’s day is coming up, no we will not be talking about the holiday that supports the existence of hallmark cards. No, I’m going to talk about food waste. I struggle with it, you struggle with it, almost everyone probably struggles with it. I mean when I’m driving home after class and stress just overcomes me, I sometimes mysteriously find myself at a local drive-through with fries in my hand. Does anyone really crave the banana in their fridge after sitting in class for 3 hours listening to the professor rant about nuclear energy being his favorite energy source? Not only does this habit impact the amount of waste going into landfills (60 million tons a year in the United States alone), but sadly impacts are wallets. That’s less many to spend towards building your new BB-8 droid on your next trip to Disney World. Let’s start the new year focusing on making sure to finish the food in are fridges. However, if you do get the urge to splurge on some waffle fries and the banana sitting in your fridge rots, it can be turned into some yummy compost that your plants or even the local community garden will enjoy. Happy single’s day!


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