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The Waste of the “Mukbang Culture”

The Waste of the “Mukbang Culture”

In recent years there’s been a rise in videos stemming from the idea of what’s called a “Mukbang” where YouTubers will eat large amounts of food that tend to not be the healthiest options. This concept originated from Asian culture where people would sit together and share food which created a moment of bonding and feeling of family. However, the tradition has been changed to more of a binge challenge that YouTubers actually have been able to turn into profit.

This type of culture has turned many people to unhealthy eating habits as well as food waste. People in the videos consume food that tends to be processed foods and at large amounts that are way past what a person needs to consume to be healthy. This leads to binge eating, gaining weight, and wasting food. What people don’t realize is unhealthy habits lead to more resources wasted toward health issues that can be avoided and over consumption that continues to cause problems for the environment. Food waste still continues to be a large contributing factor towards land fills though many cities/private companies have become innovative in reducing its impact.

Now I’m not against people making a living for themselves or the idea of sharing food with families and friends sitting for a meal together, I just think we need to be more mindful of the consequences that are faced not only by the people doing them but for the environment in general. For more discussions on environmental topics don’t forget to check out my other links down below so you can live each and everyday by Codegreen!


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