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That Plastic Bag Drama

That Plastic Bag Drama

Are all those plastic bags getting you down? Are you tired of the drama of having them take space in your house? Have no fear Codegreeners, for I’m here to spread some knowledge to answer the question that a lot of people have been asking me. If you have plastic bags you can take them to your local grocery store such as Walmart, Target, or others and they will have boxes near the entrances that will be specifically for taking your plastic bags. If you can’t find a box please ask an employee or if they don’t have a box talk to workers and see what we can do to make that happen! No need to deal with stress of dumping those bags in the trash when you can just recycle them at your local grocery store. If you guys ever have requests for anything let me know and don’t forget to check out my other media links down below! Let’s live each and every day by codegreen!





When you know your gonna be looking fly while grocery shopping with your reusable bag;) #codegreen

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Looking Fabulous With Reusable Bags

Well, I have to admit that I always get excited when it comes to getting my reusable bags. I mean why not get excited about being able to look fabulous with a bag of your choice. You can get any color you desire and usually only spend a dollar to get it at the store. Look good while also being eco-friendly by reducing the amount of plastic bags that wreak havoc in this world. Let’s work together and make sure we use those reusable bags whenever we go shopping (or for whatever you do). Here are some extra links to some options where you can by some of these beautiful bags which can also be found at your local grocery store. As well, down below are the links to my other Medias including my YouTube Channel which you can feel free to subscribe to and send requests!

Here are some awesome sites for cute reusable bags!




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Keeping Toilets and Batteries Out of Landfills (Recycle Time)

We must strive as a society to reduce as much trash as we can out of the landfill and reuse materials. I have been asked lately if people could recycle their toilets and I’m here to tell you that yes you can and should! There are centers in the United States and other locations in the world that are specifically dedicated to recycling toilets (that’s an amazing dedication)! Most old toilets are porcelain and what they will do is grind up the porcelain from your toilet and turn it into something brand new. You will need to call your local recycle center to see if they will take toilets. If they don’t there are also centers called Habitat Restores where Habitat for Humanity will take older toilets that are still in good shape and donate or reuse them into homes that need toilets (just make sure you clean them please). As well, people have been asking me about where to recycle batteries and I’m begging you please don’t ever resort to throwing batteries straight into the trash because they cause many problems of leachate in landfills which then sometimes leaches into ground water and affects local drinking water. Most recycling centers take batteries and even some Walmarts will take your old car batteries and recycle them into new ones. Furthermore, a lot of battery companies like Energizer (the adorable pink bunny) will now take your old batteries at their drop off locations and renew them into reusable batteries. You will need to call your local recycling center to see what types of batteries they will accept. If anyone ever needs help finding a recycling center or has any questions about recycling please let me know (I practically live for this stuff) and if I don’t have the answer I will find it for you! Check out my medias down below to learn more about me and how you can live each and every day by CodeGreen:)


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Pond Clean Ups and Why They Are Important

I recently cleaned up trash from two ponds (well what I saw on the surface) and I have to admit I was horrified by what I found. The first pond which I nicknamed the “duck pond” was filled with tons of beer cans and plastic bottles that are recyclable. The second pond I dubbed as the “turtle pond” contained tobacco cans and nerf darts floating all around the sides (I’m just assuming some crazy kids thought it was cute to chew spit and have a nerf gun fight at the same time).  However, it’s not cute when people dump their random items they see as trash into the ponds because they’re not the ones having to deal with the aftermath, the turtles and ducks are. As well, there is other life such as fish that call the ponds home and do not deserve to be dumped on. The next time before you or anyone decides to dump trash into local ponds or water ways, please stop and think about the lives you could be affecting. Let’s work together and help keep local ponds clean for the permanent and temporary residents during the year. #codegreen

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Starting Environmental Pledges 2016

Starting Environmental Pledges 2016

Starting off this year at CodenameGreen we will be doing environmental pledges every month with the first one being dedicated to reducing, reusing, and recycling plastic bags. These pledges are meant to stand as reminders of our goal to constantly work towards improving our communities by protecting the environment. Plastic bags have taken over our world and can found anywhere from landfills, the ocean, storm drains, and even a Katy Perry song. They’re not sturdy and they biodegrade slowly, so let’s work together to officially reduce the existence of plastic bags around the world! Go to the Environmental Pledge section and comment to officially take the pledge and help to work towards a better future for life everywhere!

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